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Family Office Lawyers

Brooks & Partners Family Office offers our high net-worth clients peace of mind when managing their assets. Our lawyers understand the importance of security in this area, and we aim to ensure that your family’s prosperity will be safeguarded through the generations. Our high net-worth clients can expect high-quality service and insightful legal analysis in managing their family office.

Once contacted, our family office team will consult with the family regarding their priorities, the nature of the services needed and their expectations. Such information will allow our lawyers to create suitable strategies built around matters such as financial planning (i.e. investments), strategy (estate planning), corporate and asset governance, risk management, legal advice and compliance factors. With Schlun & Elseven, you will have a partner who will be on your side working for your best interest.

The Benefits of our Family Office Services


As our client, you will benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and expertise across legal areas. We will use our skills to pursue what is best for you and your family. Through our team’s professionalism, proficiency and proactivity, you will find a dynamic and creative partner in seeking the best means of enhancing your family’s prosperity.


By working with us, your family will enjoy the fruits of your labour. The team at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte will streamline the complexities involved with looking after your assets. Instead of dealing with many banks, advisors and other professionals, you will only need to contact us.

Tailored Service:

At Schlun & Elseven, we know that every family and business is unique. For this reason, we place great emphasis on tailoring our services to the needs of our clients. In delivering this individualised service, our goal is to provide you with the asset management and advice suited to you and your family’s particular situation.


Schlun & Elseven’s Family Office team highly values the need to keep communication lines open and accessible. Such communication ensures that you know exactly how your assets are being managed. In this regard, our family office team will not act without your prior approval. We will also be on-hand to ensure you are updated and involved with all developments.


We also know that the main factor in future success is creating a deep and trusted bond between our clients and us. Such trust is necessary to ensure that we are on the same wavelength for our aims and actions.

If any divergences happen to arise, our team will immediately consult with you and make any necessary changes to keep our aspirations and aims aligned. With offices and conference rooms across Germany, we will meet you in person at a location suited to you.


Our team is aware of the importance of privacy and discretion for our clients. In this regard, we emphasise these factors in our dealings with them. You can place your trust in us that your family’s privacy will be secure in all of our collaborations.

Our Family Office Services

Contracts are necessary in all aspects of business. Our contract law team will ensure that your contracts fit their legal requirements, are suitable for your company and its industry. Here you will find our contract law services for businesses.

Successful entrepreneurs and business professionals frequently seek to safeguard for their children and future generations what they have built up during their lifetime. However, such desires can create complex questions regarding how wealth should be transferred, what taxes and legal pitfalls should be considered and when such a transfer should take place. Business succession planning is another matter that needs to be considered with expert counsel. Determining whether the business should be kept in the family or if the entrepreneur’s business partners should take a more prominent role is a key question.

There are complex legal considerations in all these matters. Clear planning is necessary to avoid potentially damaging disputes that may tarnish a legacy. In these situations, there are no standard solutions, and instead, thorough analysis and careful consideration are taken to find answers tailored to our clients’ needs. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, we have built up extensive experience in succession planning and other inheritance law issues. Our team will provide answers that consider important personal questions but also issues around tax law, corporate structures and inheritance law.

Our family office team provides insightful recommendations regarding investments. When building a client’s profile, we acknowledge that each client has unique investment objectives and requirements. Therefore, our firm provides solutions customised to their needs based on important factors, such as their growth expectations, what they value and the risk involved with the investments.

We use our knowledge of different areas of investment, the legal landscape involved in such investments and ensuring that the bureaucracy involved in such investments is carried out accordingly. When dealing with the specific characteristics of clients through their family office, our lawyers can advise them regarding diversifying their assets and suitable investment paths.

Our lawyers take the issue of governing a family office seriously, and place great time into implementing a suitable governance system. Such a system will create a clear structure for family assets, and will ensure that we can analyse where improvements should be made.

Organising this governance system will be done in a collaborative manner with our clients. However, governance of a family office needs to be managed on an ongoing basis, as the goals and needs of family may change over time and legal developments may impact the system. Our team is widely experienced at ensuring legal compliance, and in dealing with matters relating to tax regulations.

Our family office team understand the importance of ensuring a proper risk mitigation framework is in place. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our team is ready to discuss a holistic, multi-step risk management approach with our clients. We seek to accomplish this by working with clients to define long-term goals based on the family’s views, collective voice and ethos. Once we are aware of the long-term goals, we will outline the risks involved in these targets. Certainly, some risks are foreseeable and generally apply, other risks may be specific to the family and their goals.

Upon identifying the risk, we can work together to establish a risk hierarchy based upon each risk’s probability and potential impact. By identifying such risks, we can create the risk mitigation plan, so that we are aware of how to react should that risk happen. By utilising resources to prepare for the risk and continuously monitoring the situation, our team is ready. For our family office clients, our team is prepared for open communication whereby their priorities are central to proceedings.